FAKE Olive Oil is Literally Everywhere! How To Know Whether It Is Fake Or Original Olive Oil?

What are the health benefits of olive oil?

Olive oil is a part of the Mediterranean diet, and it has been used thousand years ago by Hippocrates, the father of medicine, thanks to its many health benefits. Monosaturated fatty acids are an important substance which offers great benefits to the heart and to various other parts of the body when eaten on daily basis.

A research verified that having regular Mediterranean diet plan rich in olive oil minimizes the risk of establishing type 2 diabetes issues compared to having other low fat diet regimens. Olive oil is also good for bone health and wellness, weight-loss and brain health. It also soothes irregular bowel movements and minimizes oxidative anxiety.

What is good about its composition?

Olive oil is rich in mono saturated fatty acids which give less fatty tissue load to the body. It is also abundant in phenolics, the acidic constituent which provides the oil its acidic and bitter taste. It has ZERO CARBOHYDRATES as well as ZERO PROTEIN with just traces of hydrogenated fat in it. It likewise has vitamin E and vitamin K which are good for the skin. The phenolic acids are very good for the heart too.

What is extra virgin olive oil? Is there anything really extra virgin about it?

The term ‘virgin olive oil’ does not explain its quality, and virgin olive oil doesn’t mean it is added pure. The distinction is in the process of manufacturing. There are 4 grades of virgin olive oil. The lowest quality of virgin olive oil is used in soap making, and is not fit for consumption. The additional virgin olive oil has the highest grade of olive oil which is cold pressed, and is superior in taste and fragrance. This is not warmed for more than 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

A bunch of fake oil is being sold on the market, especially when it comes to extra virgin olive oil. The University of California carried out tests amongst many brand names in the United States that have a tag of extra virgin olive oil to them. The study came up with this devastating fact: 69 % of extra virgin olive oil offered in the United States markets is FAKE!!!

Next time you see the tag ‘extra virgin olive oil’, you should be very careful!

So, exactly how do you know if it is a fake olive oil or original olive oil when you are buying it? The tastes of the fake and original oil are comparable, so you will need to find another way to differentiate between the original and fake olive oil.

What is FAKE olive oil and how prevalent is its circulation?

How to know if it is FAKE olive oil? What are the tests to help you differentiate fake olive oil from original olive oil?


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